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Wednesday 20th June 2012

After canceling our trip to the Lakes, due to all the rain forecast for when we would have been there, we decided to make the most of the good weather before the rain returned and headed out for a walk along the moors north of Back Tor. We picked a route that hasn't appeared in any books I've ever seen and as a consequence met very few people, and most of those were at Back Tor. If you enjoy solitude and wide expansive views this is certainly a route worth exploring.

Start: Strines Bridge (SK 2212 9091)

Route: Strines Bridge - Foulstone Road - Back Tor (TP) - Cartledge Stones Ridge - Dukes Road (Path) - Cowell Flat - Agden Side - Wilkin Hill - Dale Dike Reservoir - Strines Bridge

Distance: 11 miles     Ascent: 511 metres      Time Taken: 5 hours 35 mins

Terrain: Good paths.

Weather: Sunny and warm with clouds building by the end of the walk.

Pub Visited: Strines Inn    Ale Drunk: Jennings Cockerhoop

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Brogging Moss

Heading along the Foulstone Road and Back Tor, the highest point of the walk, comes into view.

Foulstone Road

Looking back as we climb higher and the view extends across towards Bradfield.

Stanage Edge

Looking round and Stanage Edge is also in sight.

Cakes of Bread

As we near Derwent Edge the Cakes of Bread come into view.

Derwent Edge

Derwent Edge. It was at this point that we saw most of the people we met today

Win Hill

Looking across Win Hill and into the Vale of Edale.

Kinder Plateau

The Kinder Plateau is looking very green.

Back Tor's trig

Back Tor's trig. All the time we were approaching it and near to it no-one climbed up next to it, which is somewhat unusual.

Howden Edge

Looking across to Howden Edge from just below Back Tor's summit.

Back Tor

Heading along Cartledge Stones Ridge and looking back to Back Tor.

Featherbed Moss

Lunch was spent at Cartledge Bents admiring the view across to the top of Featherbed Moss.

Flint Hill

We were also able to contemplate our route to Flint Hill.

Lost Lad

Setting off again and Lost Lad comes into view.

Kirk Edge

Following the Dukes Road Path with Kirk Edge ahead.

Hurkling Stones

Approaching the Hurkling Stones.

Hobson Moss Dike

At the end of Dukes Road Path there is a bench where you can relax and enjoy the view up Hobson Moss Dike.

Emlin Ridge

Or of course you could look across towards Emlin Ridge. However watch out for the sheep, the one in shot came charging towards us as if it was expecting to be fed. It was disappointed if that was the case.

Wet Slack

Following the path across Cowell Flat and Agden Side means you keep the views across the moors.

Agden Dike

Agden Dike offers a sudden change of scenery.

Agden Wood

Walking through Agden Wood was a colourful affair, made all the more delightful for seeing three squirrels as well.

Dale Dyke Disaster Memorial

As we approached Dale Dike Reservoir we came across this memorial to the people who lost their lives when the dam wall collapsed in 1864.

Memorial Stone

This stone marks the line of the wall that collapsed. It has the letters CLOB on it which stand for Centre Line Old Bank.

Dale Dike Reservoir

Standing (only just illegally) on the current reservoir wall and looking across Dale Dike Reservoir as the clouds start to build.

Following a delightful path next to the reservoir we saw two family of ducks setting out for a swim. The second one had at least 12 chicks but I couldn't get a good shot of them.

Boot's Folly

As we reach Strines Reservoir and the final climb up to the road we get our best view of Boot's Folly.


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