Godworth - Lake District Walk

Tuesday 11th June 2013

A grey day that soon turned into a wet day meant that our planned walk was amended as we went along.

Start: Rowrah junction on Croasdale to Lamplaugh road (NY 0871 1820)

Route: Croasdale - Kelton Fell (369) - Godworth (370) - Gavel Fell - Banna Fell (371) - Whins - Croasdale

Distance: 6.75 miles     Ascent: 530 metres      Time Taken: 4 hours 15 mins

Terrain: Predominantly on tracks.

Weather: Overcast and windy with one period of heavy rain.

Pub Visited: Royal Oak, Braithwaite    Ale Drunk: Jennings Bitter

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We set off along the clear track from the road junction.


Godworth, our second summit of the day soon came into view.

Bowness Knott

After following the track too far we backtracked a short distance to gain the unmarked summit of Kelton Fell. By now the rain had started and the views down Ennerdale were well hidden.


Looking towards Godworth from Kelton Fell.

Kelton Fell

Kelton Fell from the track to Godworth.

Godworth's summit

Godworth's summit looking towards High and Low Pen.

Knock Murton

For a brief while the rain stopped so I could get a raindrop free shot of Knock Murton.

Banna Fell

Banna Fell should have been our next fell but the steep drop down and the equally steep climb back up, combined with our tired legs, meant a change of plan.

Blake Fell

We soon picked up a path running just below High and Low Pen which we followed onto Gavel Fell.

Gavel Fell

Our third visit in three years to Gavel Fell's summit. Any more visits and it will be a contender for our most visited lakeland top.

Banna Fell's summit

We stopped for lunch in the hollow between Gavel and Banna Fells using the wall as protection from the rain, which became quite heavy as we ate. By the time we reached Banna Fell's summit it had finally stopped.

Floutern Cop

We made the mistake of heading down to the fence at the bottom of Banna Fell which, with two rows of barbed wire, proved impossible to cross. Clearly others had encountered the same problem as we had to climb back up the fell to cross at the point where someone had cut the fence. At least it gave us an opportunity to get a bit closer to Floutern Cop.

Bowness Knott

As we followed the track down towards the road Bowness Knott came into view. It appears to have a lot less trees on its summit than it did when we were there.

Anglers Crag

As our descent continued the views appeared to be improving as we could now see across Ennerdale to Anglers Crag. Needless to say by the time we got back to the car the sun was threatening to come out.


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