Shining Tor - Peak District Walk

Friday 17th January 2014

Today's walk was picked with the physio's instructions in mind whilst also taking into consideration how wet it had been recently. It was also the first time since last September that I would attempt a significant amount of descent.

Start: Errwood Hall car park (SK 0120 7483)

Route: Errwood Hall car park - Errwood Hall - The Honeypot - Pym Chair - Cats Tor - Shining Tor (CT) - Stake Side - Errwood Hall car park

Distance: 5.75 miles     Ascent: 353 metres      Time Taken: 3 hours 10 mins

Terrain: Clear paths.

Weather: Grey with a cold edge to the wind.

Pub Visited: Wyebrideg Inn, Buxton    Ale Drunk: Thornbridge Lord Marples

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Heading for Errwood Hall.

Errwood Hall

Errwood Hall, a bit too soon for a coffee break.

Shooter's Clough

As we head along the track below Foxlow Edge it is always worth turning back for the improving views of Shooter's Clough.

The Honeypot

We pass on a visit to the Honeypot today.

Withinleach Moor

As we reach the road we look across a dark looking Withinleach Moor.

Rushup Edge

It looks a little brighter in the opposite direction. Here looking towards Rushup Edge.

Oldgate Nick

As we start along the track to Shining Tor we pass the outcrop known as Oldgate Nick.

Shining Tor trig

Ahead of us the route to Shinng Tor is easy to identify.

Cats Tor

Looking back along the track to Cats Tor.

Cheshire's County Top

We briefly leave Derbyshire to visit Chesire's county top.

Maccelsfield Forest

From here we catch a few moments of sunshine as we look across towards Maccelsfield Forest.

Cats Tor

It doesn't look quite so bright over towards Kinder now.

Goyt's Moss

We had lunch looking across Goyt's Moss towards Burtbage Edge.

Errwood Reservoir

As we headed down towards Errwood Resrvoir it started spitting.


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