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Monday 22nd September 2014

It has been exactly one year, one week and one day since I last completed a new Birkett. Today's route allowed me to finally increase the tally by one, whilst John added another three to his total.

Start: Coniston Old Station car park (SD 2997 9748)

Route: Old Station car park - Walna Scar Road - Walna Scar - White Pike (Seathwaite) - White Maiden - Dropping Crag - High Pike Haw (379) - Torver High Common - Walna Scar Road

Distance: 7.5 miles     Ascent: 659 metres      Time Taken: 6 hours

Terrain: Mainly on clear paths. Pathless descent from Dropping Crag.

Weather: Warm but windy on the summits.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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The sun shines on Wetherlam as we start along the Walna Scar Road.

Brown Pike

Brown Pike from Cove Bridge.

Goat's Hawse

Looking across The Cove to Goat's Hawse.

Buck Pike

Buck Pike and Dow Crag from the same spot.

I couldn't pass by without taking a shot of the shelter just below the summit.

Walna Scar's summit

Walna Scar's summit cairn. It was very windy here and it was time to add an extra layer.

Buck Pike

Sunshine on the ridge from Buck Pike to Dow Crag.

White Pike

We would pass below White Maiden and follow the path to White Pike.

White Pike's summit

White Pike's large summit cairn.

Harter Fell

Harter Fell seen here across the Duddon Valley.

White Maiden

From White Pike we headed back to White Maiden.

White Maiden's summit

White Maiden's summit cairn.

Old Man of Coniston

From the summit we could now see the Old Man of Coniston.


We also had an excellent view across towards the Scafells.

Dropping Crag

We followed the wall down to the top of Dropping Crag.

Coniston Water

As we descended Coniston Water came into view.

Dropping Crag

We very carefully picked our way through the crags on Dropping Crag. It took an hour but at least my knee coped and we got down safely.

High Pike Haw's summit

Those white rocks in the foreground are my 379th Birkett, a number I have spent the last year never expecting to reach. If I wasn't so shattered I would have danced with joy, instead I sat down and contemplated the route back.

Torver Common

The route back was across Torver Common and back down the Walna Scar Road. When we reached the Walna Scar Road John went on ahead and brought the car up to the car park at the top of the Walna Scar Road, saving my knee a mile and the steep road descent back to our starting point. I always knew there was a reason I married him, other than the fact he's mad enough to follow me up 541 Birketts.


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