Chatsworth - Peak District Walk

Friday 25th September 2015

Today's walk did not go to plan as the footpath to Swiss Lake was closed, but it did mean that the diversion took me into a part of Chatsworth I haven't visited before.

Start: Hell Bank Plantation (SK 2869 6806)

Route: Hell Bank Plantation - Rabbit Warren - Sowter Stone - Derwent Valley Way - Beeley - Beeley Plantation - Hell Bank Plantation

Distance: 6.25 miles     Ascent: 255 metres      Time Taken: 4 hours

Terrain: Clear paths

Weather: Warm in the sun, with a cold edge to the breeze.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Harland Edge

Looking across the moor towards Hob Hurst's House, from the track to Rabbit Warren.

Harland Edge

Harland Edge from Rabbit Warren.

Derwent Valley

Looking in the opposite direction across the Derwent Valley.

Calton Pastures

Heading across Rabbit Warren with views across the valley to Calton Pastures.

Longstone Edge

Ahead of me the view is of Longstone Edge.

I was surprised to find these cows sheltering under the trees next to the stile into Chatsworth Estate.

Chatsworth Estate

My plan to head to Swiss Lake was curtailed by works going on at the lakes, so I had to follow the diversion along this path.

Stand Wood

It took me through Stand Wood.

Stand Wood

It soon joined another track through the wood, which I hadn't walked before.

Sowter Stone

The sound of water caused me to divert off the track, where I came upon the Sowter Stone.


It feeds this delightful little fall and then continues downhill.

Chatsworth House

It is also positioned so as to give a fabulous view across the estate.

Chatsworth House

A view that kept on getting better as I followed the stepped path downhill.


The path brought me out next to the bottom of the folly known as the Aqueduct.

Baslow Edge

Leaving the woods and the rather full car park behind I am rewarded with one of my favourute views of Baslow Edge. A view that will look even better in a few weeks when the ferns turn brown.

River Derwent

My route will follow the banks of the Derwent.

Three Arch Bridge.

One of the two bridges designed by James Paine.

Chatsworth House

Nice to see the front of the house completely free of scaffolding and sheets.

Hunting Tower

I had planned on visiting the Hunting Tower today but the diversion prevented it.

River Derwent

I had my lunch away from the crowds looking across at this weir.

River Derwent

There are picnic benches close to the second weir, which makes it far more popular with the crowds.

I don't remember the path across the field to Beeley being lined with trees the last time I was here.

Beeley Brook

Beeley Brook winds its way downhill as I climb up through Hell Bank Plantation.

Hell Bank Plantation

Definite signs that autumn is approaching as I head back to the car.


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