Thor's Cave - Peak District Walk

Monday 16th May 2016

Another short walk to develop my fitness levels. Taking advantage of the dry weather I headed out for a walk around the Wetton Hills.

Start: Wetton (SK 1089 5513)

Route: Wetton - Thor's Cave - Manifold Valley - Wetton Hill - Wetton

Distance: 3.5 miles     Ascent: 255 metres      Time Taken: 2 hours 35 mins

Terrain: Clear paths.

Weather: Grey and cool.

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Looking across the Manifold Valley towards the chuch in Butterton.

I follow the concessionary lane to Thor's Cave, a good way to avoid the cows that are often in the fields crossed by the public footpath.

Thor's Cave

Looking towards the top of Thor's Cave. I passed on taking the path to the top and instead headed down towards the front of the cave.

Manifold Valley

Looking along the Manifold Valley from the path close to Thor's Cave.

Thor's Cave

One day I might venture inside but certainly not when I'm walking alone.

The resaon I passed on visiting the top of Thor's Cave was because I knew
the long flight of steps would be enough of a challenge for my knee today.

I'd deliberatley come this way in the hope of finding a carpet of bluebells.

There were plenty of bluebells to be seen in amongst all the other flowers.

I think this is Cranesbill, anyone who knows if I'm right or wrong please get in touch.

Thor's Cave

Looking back up to Thor's Cave from the floor of the Manifold Valley.

Manifold Way

My route took me along a short section of the Manifold Way.

River Manifold

There is a subtle lack of water in the bed of the Manifold River.


I divert off the Manifold Way along a track that is new to me and find I have a view of the top of Sugarloaf ahead of me.

I also find myself passing by lots of lambs and their mothers.

I love the way this tree follows the line of the valley side.

Wetton Hills

Back on a familiar path my route takes me on a circular tour of Wetton Hill.

My lunchtime view looked back down the valley. Sugarloaf is the hill on the right.

These two seemed rather keen to keep me company whilst I sat eating my lunch.

Ecton Hill

Heading upwards and around the other side of Wetton Hill my view now includes Ecton Hill.

Back of Ecton

Looking across the area best described as the Back of Ecton. High Wheeldon is visible in the distance.

Either way will take you to either place but crossing the stile leads you onto the Access Land from which, should you wish to, you can reach the summit of Wetton Hill.

After crossing the brow of Wetton Hill the scenery changes slightly as the drystone walls appear.

Soles Hill

Following the line of the Manifold Valley, with Soles Hill to its left.

Every time I do this route I dread this squeeze stile. It was not designed with small people in mind.


Just as I arrive back in Wetton the sun starts to come out.


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