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Wednesday 4th January 2017

A dry sunny day was forecast so we headed out to do the edges. We had hoped that now the schools were back the edges might be quite quiet but they were the busiest I have seen them for a long time; it appears everyone had the same idea as us and waited for everyone else to go back to work/school before going for a walk.

Start: Curbar Gap car park (SK 2623 7470)

Route: Curbar Gap car park - White Edge - White Edge Moor - Wooden Pole - Longshaw Estate - Hay Wood - Froggatt Edge - Curbar Edge - Curbar Gap car park

Distance: 8.25 miles     Ascent: 298 metres      Time Taken: 4 hours 5 mins

Terrain: Clear paths but plenty of bog hopping required.

Weather: Dry, sunny and cold.

Pub Visited: The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Baslow    Ale Drunk: Thwaites Wainwright

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White Edge

Heading towards White Edge and there are certainly plenty of people about.

Eaglestone Flat

After a muddy climb we reach the start of the edge and pause to take in the view we will soon loose of Eaglestone Flat and Baslow Edge.

Signs that the sun, as the weathermen promised, is about to break through the clouds.

White Edge

We has delayed setting off along the edge in the hope the group now gathering at the trig point would get well ahead of us.

Stoke Flat

The sun starts to light up the dying bracken on Stoke Flat.

William Hill

As luck would have it we caught up with the group at the one point on the edge where the path is narrow and passing them required clambering above them in the heather.

Win Hill

A task made all the more awkward by the fact they now stopped on mass whilst someone described the scene in front of them. For the record they were admiring Win Hill and Bamford Edge

Big Moor

Looking along White Edge and Big Moor, our route would take us just beyond the trees on the horizon.

Higger Tor

Higger Tor comes into view as we drop down from the highest point of the edge.

William Hill

Mag Clough and William Hill across Stoke Flat.

Mother's Cap

Mother's Cap to the left of Higger Tor comes into view.

White Edge

Approaching the end of White Edge.


Lose Hill and Kinder can now be seen.

Totley Moss

We had lunch sat in the grass on White Edge Moor, making the most of the sunshine whilst looking across to Totley Moss.

Lawrence Field

As we enter Longshaw the view across Lawrence Field now includes all of the Great Ridge.

Offerton Moor

The view also incudes Eyam and Offerton Moors.

Wooden Pole

This area is named after this rather unremarkable wooden pole. The original
Wooden Pole may have been a guide stoop, an alternative theory
is that it marks the boundary of the parish of Totley.


We follow the broad tracks through Longshaw.

Lawrence Field

On this part of the route we still get to enjoy the views across to Kinder.


After the mud and bog hopping we enjoyed along White Edge the going is now somewhat easier.

Higger Tor

Carl Walk and Higger Tor from close to Longshaw Lodge.

Walk On

One of the Companion Stones that can be found near the former Guide Stoops.

Walk On

This particular stone's inscription is called Walk On.

Froggatt Edge

Once we were on Froggatt Edge the setting sun was in our eyes. I took the opportunity to have a go at creating a starburst.

Stone Circle

At this time of year it is possible to make out all of the Stone Circle on Froggatt Edge.

Bamford Edge

Looking back to Bamford Edge.

Derwent Valley

The Derwent Valley as we approach Curbar Edge.

Stoke Flat

The sun lights up Stoke Flat.

White Edge

White Edge and Stoke Flat from the short climb onto Curbar Edge

Baslow Edge

Baslow Edge form Curbar Edge as the sun starts to drop below the horizon.


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