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Friday 25th August 2017

Today I set out in hunt of some shots of the heather on the moors. As I wanted to avoid the summer holiday crowds I headed for the less popular Abney and Eyam Moors.

Start: Sir William Hill Road (SK 2247 7802)

Route: Sir William Hill Road - Bretton Clough - Abney Moor - Abney - Abney Clough - Eyam Moor - Sir William Hill Road

Distance: 8.25 miles     Ascent: 475 metres      Time Taken: 4 hrs 25 mins

Terrain: Clear paths with two short, steep ascents

Weather: Warm

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Sir William Hill Road

I always like to get the long stretch along Sir William Hill Road out of the way first.

Sir William Hill

The trig on the summit of Sir William Hill soon comes into sight.

Sir William Hill Road

Once over the summit the views extend across the dales.

Abney Moor

My route is in the opposite direction, heading across to the heather clad Abney Moor.

Stanage Edge

Looking across Bretton Clough towards Stanage Edge as I head for the hamlet of Nether Bretton.

Stanage Edge

A slightly closer view of Stanage Edge.

Smelting Hill

A final view of Smelting Hill before I drop down into Bretton Clough.

Bretton Clough

Walking in Bretton Clough is usually quite pleasant, a simple meander through the drumlins

Bretton Clough

not so simple today, with the ferns hiding the path and given my height also often over my head. Maybe not a route to pick at the end of summer.

Bretton Clough

Having escaped the ferns a short, steep climb out of the clough meant I was rewarded with these views looking across the clough towards Sir William Hill.

Abney Moor

The path across Abney Moor is easy to follow, but there is a lack of heather on this section of the moor.

Win Hill

Once the brow of the hill is crossed the views change to include Win Hill and Derwent Edge.

Abney Low

Looking across the moor towards Abney Low.

Abney Moor

I had my lunch after crossing Abney Moor.

Win Hill

My lunchtime view also included Win Hill.

Lose Hill

As I headed along the track that joins the two sections of Abney Moor Lose Hill came into view.

Abney Moor

As I approach the next section of Abney Moor there is plenty of heather in flower.

Eyam Moor

Looking across to Eyam Moor from Abney Moor.

Abney Moor

As delightful as the heather was it was sadly accompanied by lots of flying ants.

Eyam Moor

Before I start the ascent to Eyam Moor my route will follow the line of trees down to Stoke Ford.

Abney Clough

Following the, at times, muddy track along Abney Clough.

High Low

Having climbed up through more head high bracken I am rewarded with views across High Low to Stanage Edge.

Bretton Clough

A final look at Bretton Clough before I head onto Eyam Moor.

Eyam Moor

Eyam Moor.


Looking across to Hathersage & Higger Tor from Eyam Moor.

Froggatt Edge

Froggatt Edge comes into view as I cross Eyam Moor at the end of the walk.


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