Cromford Canal - Peak District Walk

Monday 4th September 2017

The choice this morning was the gym or a walk and as tomorrow's forecast is for heavy rain the walk won. Given other commitments it needed to be local so I opted for an old favourite from High Peak Junction and then discovered I was being joined by John. It turned into a make it up as we go along walk that saw us following a new track and then discovering a shortcut I had never seen before.

Start: High Peak Junction (SK 3149 5609)

Route: High Peak Junction - Cromford Canal - Birch Wood - High Peak Trail - Intake Lane - Cromford Wharf - Cromford Canal - High Peak Junction

Distance: 5 miles     Ascent: 179 metres      Time Taken: 2 hrs 15 mins

Terrain: Clear paths, some quite muddy

Weather: Overcast and very muggy

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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River Derwent

The walk starts by crossing the River Derwent.

Cromford Canal

The lack of people at this section of the canal is a sure sign the school holidays are over.

Leawood Pump House

We head along the canal, passing Leawood Pump House.

Since I was last down here, taking photographs for my HNC, this house has had paintings added to its windows.

Crich Stand

Crich Stand, which is currently encased in scaffolding, briefly comes into view.

Cromford Canal

The canal can be difficult to see at this time of year.

We left the canal just before the entrance to the tunnel.

Birch Wood

After crossing the A6 we are soon climbing up through Birch Wood.

Birch Wood

After passing the campsite we turn back downhill.

Intake Lane

Rather than head back down the High Peak Trail we head uphill again, before joining Intake Lane and following it back to the A6.

High Tor

From Intake Lane we have views across the valley towards Matlock Bath and High Tor.

Cromford Wharf

As ever there are plenty of ducks at Cromford Wharf, no doubt disappointed today by how few visitors there are feeding them.

Cromford Canal

Typically as we head back to the car the sun starts to come out.

Cromford Canal

Reflections in Cromford Canal.

High Peak Junction

Back at the start of the walk and there are still a few people making the most of the facilities at High Peak Junction.


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