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Wednesday 6th September 2017

The previous night's weather forecast suggested the best of the sun would be in the south of the Peak District today so I decided to head south and visit Dove Dale. As ever I parked in Milldale and managed to get the dale to myself until I got to Ilam Rock where the crowds started arriving from the opposite end of the dale.

Start: Milldale car park (SK 1365 5477)

Route: Milldale Car park - Dove Dale - Bunster Hill - Dovedale Wood - Ilam Rock - Dove Dale - Milldale car park

Distance: 7 miles     Ascent: 409 metres      Time Taken: 4 hrs 15 mins

Terrain: Clear paths

Weather: Sunny to start, then increasingly overcast with some light rain

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Walking through a very quiet Milldale.

Viator's Bridge

I enter Dove Dale via Viator's Bridge.

Dove Dale

There are signs that the weather forecast might be correct and I'm in for a sunny day.

Baley Hill

Ahead of me is Baley Hill and it appears I have the dale to myself.

Dove Dale

As I continue through the dale the only sound is the River Dove.

Ravens Tor

Ravens Tor comes into sight as the weather continues to improve.

Dove Holes

Dove Holes comes into sight and it is decision time, do I go up or remain in the dale.

Ilam Rock

I reach Ilam Rock and I still haven't met anyone, although that was about to change
as the crowds started coming from the opposite side of the dale.

River Dove

Approaching a section of the dale I rarely visit, where the path is carried on planks above the River Dove.

Dovedale Wood

Dovedale Wood from Lover's Leap. The area was full of people who were predominantly expressing the opinion that they were going no further, which is a shame as they would miss the best bits of the dale.

Thorpe Cloud

Thorpe Cloud comes into view and another decision moment, do I go and visit the summit.

Dove Dale

Plenty of people crossing the stepping stones today.

Dove Dale

A wider view, because John and I couldn't agree on which shot we preferred.

Dove Dale

I pass on summiting Thorpe Cloud and crossing the stepping stones, instead I continue along the bottom of the dale.

After crossing the footbridge at the end of the dale I'm suprised by a new addition to the landscape. I'm not convinced it really is necessary to have this hut here, surely it would be better in the car park. Being cynical I guess if it was in the car park the National Trust wouldn't make as much money!

Thorpe Cloud

I never cease to be amazed by the very different views of Thorpe Cloud.

Following the path across the fields towards Bunster Hill I can't help but notice the blue sky has been replaced by clouds.

Bunster Hill

The ascent of Bunster Hill can't be avoided.

Bunster Hill

Looking back down Bunster Hill as I approach the summit.

Wetton Hill

Looking across the fields towards Wetton Hill and it looks like some rain might be heading my way.

Bunster Hill

Having paused to admire the view it is time to head for the summit.

Bunster Hill

Having reached the summit Dove Dale comes back into view. The strong winds on the summit meant plans to have lunch up there were abandoned and I followed the wall to find a more sheltered spot on the other side of the hill.

Sharplow Dale

Looking across the fields towards Dove Dale and what I think is Sharplow Dale.

Ilamtops Low

Having found a sheltered spot I had lunch looking across the fields towards the pointed Ilamtops Low.

I suspect that in another few weeks these trees will be a wonderful colour.

Tissington Spires

The tops of Tissington Spires are visible as I follow the track towards Air Cottage.

Thorpe Cloud

The view of Thorpe Cloud enjoyed by the residents of Air Cottage.

Dovedale Wood

Following the narrow track through Dovedale Wood.

Pickering Tor

After a rather slippery descent through Dovedale Wood
I emerge at the foot of Ilam Rock and a view of Pickering Tor.

Dove Holes

As I headed back towards Dove Holes I couldn't help but notice that since this morning some trees appeared to have been marked with red paint. Most of them seemed to be dead so maybe they are about to be cut down, one of them is infront of Dove Holes so I guess this view will be changing soon.


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