Burnt Hill - Peak District Walk

Saturday 23rd September 2017

We had planned on walking on Sunday but my daughter had rung to say she had left her key at home so was someone going to be in when she returned from her holiday. Thankfully the forecast for Saturday was for dry weather so a change of plans saw us heading out to Hayfield for a walk on the outskirts of the Kinder plateau.

Start: Bowden Bridge car park (SK 0485 8692)

Route: Bowden Bridge car park - William Clough - Mill Hill - Burnt Hill - The Intakes - Middle Moor - Bowden Bridge car park

Distance: 7.5 miles     Ascent: 492 metres      Time Taken: 4 hrs 55 mins

Terrain: Clear paths, some scrambling in William Clough

Weather: Overcast with some light rain

Pub Visited: Royal Hotel, Hayfield    Ale Drunk: Thwaites Original

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Kinder Reservoir

Finally clear of the trees we get our first view of Kinder Reservoir for over five years.

Mount Famine

Looking across the reservoir to Mount Famine which was one of the alternative routes for today's walk.

Kinder Reservoir

The clough that contains Kinder Downfall soon comes into view.

Sandy Heys

Heading for William Clough with Sandy Heys now in view.

William Clough

We take the path alongside William Clough, where there
was plenty of crossing back and forth across the stream.

William Clough

From the top of William Clough the view includes South Head, Mount Famine and Chinley Churn.

Ashop Head

Ashop Head isn't part of our route today as we are exploring some new (to us) footpaths.

Pennine Way

We briefly join the Pennine Way

Mill Hill

although we leave it a few minutes later when we reach the top of Mill Hill.

Alport Moor

Looking across the moor towards Alport Moor, which is getting some sunlight.

Higher Shelf Stones

Higher Shelf Stones can also be seen beyond Black Moor.

Whiteley Nab

Our route follows the slabbed path, with Whiteley Nab dominating the view.

B-24J Liberator

The path goes close to the B-24J Liberator plane wreck.

B-24J Liberator

The plane crashed on the 11th October 1944 with both crew members surviving and following a nearby stream to the Hayfield to Glossop road.

Harry Hut trig

The plan had been to visit Harry Hut's trig but we missed the turning and didn't fancy the walk across the peaty ground.

Hollingworth Clough

We had lunch sat on the summit of Burnt Hill looking back towards Ashop Head. The clough to the right is probably the route of the stream the airmen followed after the crash.

Black Hill

From Burnt Hill we could look across Harry Hut and Bleaklow to Black Hill.

The Knott

In the opposite direction, beyond the Knott, South Head's summit is lost in cloud.

Matley Moor

As we drop off Burnt Hill Matley Moor comes into view.

Middle Moor

As we pass behind Tom Heys Farm our return route across Middle Moor comes into view.

Hollingworth Clough

The memorial next to the footbridge that takes us across Hollingworth Clough.

Hollingworth Clough

The stream that the airmen presumably followed.

Lantern Pike

As we start the ascent of Middle Moor Lantern Pike comes into view.

The Intakes

Looking back at the route we followed through the area described on the map as the Intakes.

Middle Moor

The cairn marks the end of the climb onto Middle Moor.

Middle Moor

Ahead of us Kinder's plateau is lost in the cloud. I'm glad we didn't go that way today.

Shooting Cabin

The Shooting Cabin comes into view, along with the footbridge that carries us across a rather boggy area of ground.

South Head

South Head and Mount Famine from the point where Snake Path joined our route across Middle Moor.

Kinder Reservoir

Kinder Reservoir comes back into view as we approach White Brow and start the descent off the moor back to the road.


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