Seat Robert - Lake District Walk

Sunday 5th November 2017

As today was the best day forecast for our three day break in the Lake District we made an early trip up the M6 in order to get at least one full day of walking in. After a 'second breakfast' at one of the service stations we were walking by 11:30 and despite the terrain managed to avoid too much bog-hopping.

Start: Wet Sleddale Reservoir (NY 5545 1140)

Route: Wet Sleddale Reservoir - Sleddale Hall - Scam Matthew - High Wether Howe (391) - Seat Robert - Glede Howe (392) - Seat Robert (393) - Sleddale Hall - Wet Sleddale Reservoir

Distance: 7.5 miles     Ascent: 363 metres      Time Taken: 5 hrs 15 mins

Terrain: A mixture of clear paths and pathless moorland

Weather: Sunny but bitterly cold

Pub Visited: Kirkstile Inn,    Ale Drunk: Loweswater Gold

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Seat Robert

From the car park we had a good view of Seat Robert, our final summit of the day.

We followed the path from the car park along the bottom of the valley. Our route would take us
to the far end of the ridge on the right.

The last time we walked from Wet Sleddale Reservoir we didn't find this bridge and had the 'delight' of crossing the river via some stepping stones.

Crossing the bridge was much easier and indeed crossing via the stepping stones would probably have been impossible today.

Sleddale Reservoir

After a short climb along a clear track we were rewarded with a fine view of Sleddale Reservoir.

Sleddale Hall

We soon reached Sleddale Hall which has undergone some repairs since we were last here.

Sleddale Hall

We followed the clear track which continued uphill, with ever improving views.


As we climbed we were able to look across the Shap Fells towards the Howgills.

Sleddale Valley

We followed the clear track along the side of the valley.

Scam Matthew

Once we crossed the second wall we had a good view of Scam Matthew, which would be our first summit of the day.


From the top of Scam Matthew we had a good view along the Mosedale Valley and beyond as far as Kentmere Pike.

High Wether Howe

A short walk in the opposite direction would take us to the rocky summit of High Wether Howe.

Seat Robert

From High Wether Howe we had a good view of Seat Robert, with the Pennines beyond it.

Glede Howe

Glede Howe, which was to be our next summit, was also in view.

High Wether Howe's summit cairn

The summit cairn on High Wether Howe, looking towards Seat Robert.


Selside from High Wether Howe.

Seat Robert

We had lunch using the summit of High Wether Howe to try to shelter from the bitterly cold wind, whilst debating how long it would take to walk out to Glede Howe from Seat Robert.

High Wether Howe

After a short discussion we opted against crossing the moor to get to Glede Howe and instead of engaging in a prolonged session of bog-hopping followed the clear track that took us below the summit of Seat Robert.

Glede Howe

Having reached the lower slopes of Seat Robert we try to indentify which lump is Glede Howe. It turned out to be the summit in sunlight.

Glede Howe's summit

Thankfully the summit was marked by a cairn, although the GPS also confirmed that this hillock was in fact the summit.


From Glede Howe's summit there was a good view across the Eden Valley to the Pennines. We played the usual game of can we spot my sister's house, but yet again failed to spot it.

Swindale Common

Looking across Swindale Common, towards Kidsty Pike and High Raise, we were glad we changed our planned route and followed the path.

Loadpot Hill

Looking across to Loadpot Hill we had a good view of the ridge which contains around seven more Birketts, which will be tackled next year.

Seat Robert

Looking back at the route we had followed from Seat Robert as we start to retrace our steps.

Seat Robert

We were soon back at the foot of Seat Robert and about to start the final ascent of the day.

Seat Robert's summit

The cairn that marks the top of Seat Robert, where we once again took shelter from the wind.


From here we had a good view of Shap.

Seat Robert's trig

I was able to locate the sunken trig point close to the summit.

Sleddale Reservoir

After avoiding the bogs across Swindale Common we came across one that proved to be uncrossable just below the summit of Seat Robert. Our only option was to cross the fence and cut back down the side of the valley to regain the track we had taken at the start of the walk.

Sleddale Reservoir

We had an easy walk back to the car, enjoying the last of the day's sunshine and the last bit of blue sky we would see for the rest of the holiday.


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