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Friday 26th January 2018

Finally a warm and dry day that didn't include the threat of snow or ice covered paths. As the weather for the weekend wasn't brilliant we decided to make the most of the clear spell and the longer days and headed out to do a longer walk that has been on the to do list for a while.

Start: Lay-by A57 by Ladybower Reservoir (SK 1967 8643)

Route: A57 lay-by (Ladybower) - Whinstone Lee Tor - Wheel Stones - Dovestone Tor - Back Tor (TP) - Lost Lad - Green Sitches - Pike Low - Ladybower Reservoir - A57 lay-by (Ladybower)

Distance: 8.5 miles     Ascent: 427 metres      Time Taken: 5 hrs 15mins

Terrain: Clear but often muddy tracks

Weather: Sunny

Pub Visited: Yorkshire Bridge Inn    Ale Drunk: Acorn Brewery, Barnsley Bitter

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We timed our arrival just right and got the only available parking space in the A57 lay-by,
which saved us over a mile of walking along the road. Five minutes after
starting out we were heading uphill through the wood.

Ladybower Reservoir

All the recent snow and rain made for a very muddy and slippery walk through the wood so it was nice to finally be clear of the trees and the worst of the mud.

Crook Hill

Once we were clear of the wood we had a great view across the valley towards Crook Hill.

Ladybower Reservoir

The views of Ladybower Reservior kept on improving as we climbed up towards Whinstone Lee Tor.

Stanage Edge

Once we climbed out of the gully we had a view across the moor towards Stanage Edge.

Ladybower Reservoir

From here we can see that there are still patches of snow on Bleaklow.

Derwent Edge

As we start along the path we can see the whole of the ridge we will be walking along today.

Ladybower Reservoir

Ladybower Reservoir.

Derwent Edge

Although the parking spaces were all taken up once we were on the top we passed relatively few people.

White Tor

As we approach the Wheel Stones White Tor comes into view.

Wheel Stones

Looking across towards Kinder from the Wheel Stones.

White Tor

The Wheel Stones were rather busy with a couple having lunch and a photographer taking shots so we soon left them behind and headed for White Tor.

White Tor

Looking across towards Alport Moor from White Tor.

Dovestone Tor

Once we had made the short climb onto the top of White Tor our next target, Dovestone Tor, came into view.

Salt Cellar

Before we got to Dovestone Tor we diverted off the path to get some shots of the Salt Cellar.

Kinder Plateau

Looking across Pike Low towards Kinder from the Salt Cellar.

Near Deep Clough

We would be crossing the moors on the other side of the clough below us later on.

Cakes of Bread

The Cakes of Bread from the path just beyond Dovestone Tor.

Back Tor

Back Tor looks relatively quiet, which is good as we were planning on having lunch there.

Back Tor

All is nice and peaceful as we approach the rocks and pick out a spot for lunch.

Derwent Edge

As we sat on the rocks the sun disappeared behind a cloud and I was able to grab a shot looking back down Derwent Edge.

Ughill Moors

From our position on the rocks we could look out across the moors towards a distant Sheffield.

Back Tor

The only patch of snow we had to walk through was to be found on the path just below Back Tor.

Lost Lad

Approaching Lost Lad.

Lose Hill

Lose Hill and the Great Ridge from Lost Lad's summit.

Birchinlee Pasture

Looking across towards Birchinlee (R) and Rowlee (L) Pastures from Lost Lad's summit.

Green Sitches

We soon divert off the main path to take the path, next to the grouse butts, heading for Millbrook Plantation.

Derwent Edge

From the track we have a great view of both Derwent and Bamford Edges.

Bamford Edge

The edges are lit up by the last of the day's sunlight as we head along the track towards Pike Low.

Ladybower Reservoir

As we approach Pike Low Ladybower Reservoir comes back into view.

Pike Low

Once we reach Pike Low the descent starts to get a bit steeper.

Ladybower Reservoir

The sun is rapidly disappearing behind the hills as we head downhill towards what would be a rather cautious descent due to the very muddy conditions that made walking poles essential.

Ladybower Reservoir

By the time we reach the valley floor it is in shade.

Ashopton Viaduct

We took advantage of a bench above the reservoir and sat for a short while enjoying the last of the daylight.


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