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Friday 4th January 2019

At the start of the week the forecast was for a cold but bright end to the week, how wrong that turned out to be. For the last few days it has remained grey and overcast and despite the weathermen promising a break in the cloud after lunch it stayed like that for all of the walk.
Despite the lack of sunshine I was keen to get out again this week and this route has been on my to do list for a while. Maybe not the best time to explore the woods but given the shorter days it was close enough to cut down the travelling time, allowed me to both increase the distance on the last walk at a reasonable level and explore some more new paths.

Start: Winster car park ( SK 2386 6024)

Route: Winster car park - Luntor Rocks - Winster - Clough Wood - Clough Lane - Stanton Moor (TP) - Birchover - Dudwood Lane - Islington Lane - Winster car park

Distance: 8.5 miles     Ascent: 399 metres      Time Taken: 4 hrs 40 mins

Terrain: Clear, well signed paths.

Weather: Overcast and chilly

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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Stanton Moor

From the car park I had a short ascent to reach the Limestone Way. From here I can't but help notice how much higher Stanton Moor looks and the fact I'll be doing a fair bit of descent before I head up there.

Limestone Way

All of the sections of the Limestone Way that I covered today were on tracks similar to this one, which is always a bonus when you are around fields that contain cows.

Wyn's Tor

Looking back across Wyn's Tor in the direction of Youlgreave and Lathkill Dale.

Luntor Rocks

I made the short ascent above Winster in order to visit Luntor Rocks, I don't think they were worth the effort.

Darley Dale

Although the rocks were a disappointment the view of Clough Wood and Darley Dale wasn't. It must be really good when it isn't as gloomy as it was today.

Robin Hood's Stride

Heading back on myself I get a view across Winster to Robin Hood's Stride and beyond.

Old Market Hall

Heading into Winster for the first time I was surprised to come across this
National Trust building which is the Old Market Hall.

Clough Wood

I followed a well signed path downhill towards Clough Wood.

Clough Wood

Almost immediately upon entering Clough Wood I had to clamber through this fallen tree, which of course was also at one of the muddiest sections of the walk.

Clough Wood

I was pleased to see that the path through the wood was nice and clear.

Clough Wood

It was very pleasant walking through the woods and definitely worth a return visit later in the year.

Watt's Old Engine House

I was hoping to find this structure which I had seen on other websites.
It is the remains of an old engine house which used to pump water
out of Millclose lead mine.

Clough Wood

Have started the ascent through the wood I was rewarded with a view across the valley back to the ridge I had been walking along at the start of the walk.

Clough Lane

My route brought me out onto Clough Lane which I followed for a short distance.

The next section saw me crossing a couple of fields. Here I take a final look back across Clough Lane before the view changes.

Stanton Moor

Heading towards the deserted campsite at Birchover and the view is now dominated by Stanton Moor.

Sabine Hay Wood

From the road below Stanton Moor I get a view across Sabine Hay Wood to a distant Masson Hill

Stanton Moor

Having climbed onto Stanton Moor the view now includes Riber Castle, although you need to know what you are looking at to spot it.

Cat Stone

After a lunch break overlooking Darley Dale I follow the edge path visiting some familiar places, starting with the Cat Stone.

Reform Tower

I'm amazed to discover when I get home that it is over 5 years
since I last did a walk on Stanton Moor.

Nine Ladies

As the schools haven't gone back yet the Nine Ladies Stone Circle was busy so I hung around for a while to let the family who were sat on the stones take their photos. My reward, a shot of a deserted stone circle.

King Stone

I head out towards the King Stone in order to pick up a path through the trees.

Stanton Moor trig

I make a short diversion off the main track for a visit to the trig point.

Stanton Moor

Whilst I was visiting the trig I spotted the fires on the ridge across the dale. I hope it was a controlled burn.

Cork Stone

As I head off the moor I pass the Cork Stone, although no-one was attempting to climb it whilst I was there.

Robin Hood's Stride

I pass on visiting Rowter Rocks and I'm soon looking through the gloom at Robin Hood's Stride.

Islington Lane

Having dropped down to pick up the Limestone Way I finish the walk following a series of lanes back uphill to Winster.

Grey Tor

The views are fairly limited as I head uphill along the lanes, although Grey Tor can be seen as I approach Winster.


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