Stanage Edge - Peak District Walk

Thursday 17th January 2019

A late start today to try and time the end of the walk for a sunset shot.

Start: Dennis Knoll car park (SK 2272 8433)

Route: Dennis Knoll car park - Long Causeway - High Neb (TP) - Stanage End - Crow Chin - Long Causeway - Dennis Knoll car park

Distance: 5.75 miles     Ascent: 199 metres      Time Taken: 2 hrs 40 mins

Terrain: Clear paths

Weather: Cold but sunny

Pub Visited: Yorkshire Bridge Inn    Ale Drunk: Acorn Brewery, Barnsley Bitter

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Stanage Edge

The clear blue sky as we set out was promising as not only was I hoping to get a sunset shot we were also planning to do some astro-photography once it had gone dark.

Long Causeway

Heading up the Long Causeway we had to dodge the odd icy puddle.

Stanage Edge

We soon reach the point where we turn back on ourselves and head out along Stanage Edge.

Stanage Edge

As we start along the edge we notice how cold it is in the breeze.

Bamford Moor

The clear sky means we have a great view across Bamford Moor towards Win Hill and Kinder.

Stanage Edge

A late start meant we were soon looking for a spot to have a late lunch. This rock resulted in a sheltered and very warm spot.

Bamford Moor

So sunny that we sat for quite a long time just enjoying the view across the moors.

Cattis-side Moor

Here looking across Cattis-side Moor towards Hathersage.

High Neb

Once we drag ourselves away from our warm lunch spot we soon reach the trig at High Neb.

Derwent Edge

Having passed High Neb our view now includes Derwent Edge.

Moscar Moor

Looking across Moscar Moor as Crook Hill comes into view.

Stanage Edge

We continue along Stanage Edge enjoying the bright winter sunshine.

Boundary Stone

We soon reach the boundary stone, which marks the point where we need to head down in order to make the return trip.

Stanage End

Dropping below the edge and the moon has already risen.

Derwent Moors

Dropping below the edge we soon find oursleves in the shadow of the rocks where the temperature drops.

Win Hill

For a short while we get a glimpse of Ladybower Reservoir.

Crow Chin Rocks

Thankfully the path takes us away from the rocks and back into the relatively warm sunshine.

Stanage Edge

The frozen ground makes this section much easier than normal as there is no need to engage in any bog-hopping.

Crow Chin Rocks

Looking back towards Crow Chin Rocks.

Crow Chin

Heading towards Crow Chin and it is time to keep my eye out for the millstones.

Crow Chin

Crow Chin is soon passed.

Stanage Edge

We soon reach the millstones but any hope of a shot of them bathed in sunshine has been dashed by the bank of cloud that is building up.

Cattis-side Moor

The bank of cloud is also going to ruin any chance of getting a good sunset as well.

Stanage Edge

We reach the smiling millstone, where we would normally divert off the path below the rocks and head down towards the car park.

Stanage Edge

Today we stick to the path below the rocks in the hope there might actually be a good sunset shot.

Stanage Edge

We have never actually walked this short section of path before.

Cattis-Side Moor

No award winning sunset shots tonight and that build up of cloud also meant no astro-photography later.


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