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Thursday 10th October 2019

Walking in the Peak District this year has been somewhat curtailed by the arrival of our first grandchild Thomas. Since returning from the Lake District we are determined to get out more and so make an early (for us) start in order to beat the rain and walk a route we haven't done in several years.

Start: Edale car park (SK 1238 8537)

Route: Edale car park - Hollins Cross - Mam Tor (TP) - Rushup Edge - Lord's Seat - Chapel Gate (Track) - Barber Booth - Edale car park

Distance: 6.5 miles     Ascent: 410 metres      Time Taken: 4 hrs

Terrain: Clear paths

Weather: Predominantly dry but breezy.

Pub Visited: Plough Inn, Hathersage    Ale Drunk: Bombardier Amber Beer, Eagle Brewery

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Back Tor

As we start along the track to the Great Ridge it looks a little grey and feels like it might be about to start raining.

Grindslow Knoll

Leaving the track and the cattle behind we head for the stile, after which the climb gets a little steeper. Before heading up we pause for a view back across the valley to Grindslow Knoll.

Grindslow Knoll

Climbing up and the views improve as more of the Kinder Plateau comes into view.

Vale of Edale

Looking along the Vale of Edale towards Edale |Head.

Derwent Edge

In the opposite direction Derwent Edge and the other Back Tor come into view.

Hollins Cross

We soon reach Hollins Cross.

Mam Tor

Looking across to Mam Tor from Hollins Cross.

Eyam Moor

From the same spot the view extends across the Hope Valley towards the edges and Eyam Moor.

Mam Tor

As it is mid-week the path along the ridge towards Mam Tor is fairly quiet.

Lose Hill

We soon reach the gate which features in so many sunrise shots from the ridge.

Win Hill

As we continue along the ridge Win Hill comes into view.

Great Ridge

As we get closer to the summit the wind increases in strength.

Great Ridge

The clouds also start to look a little darker and the odd spot of rain starts falling.

Mam Tor trig

As we reach the summit we stop to put on waterproof coats to protect us from both the rain and the biting wind.

Winnats Pass

Winnats Pass from Mam Tor.

Rushup Edge

Rushup Edge from Mam Tor, which is where we are heading next.

Vale of Edale

Looking along the Vale of Edale towards Jacob's Ladder

As we start the climb up to Rushup Edge there is a sudden change in the weather as the sun threatens to come out.

Only a few minutes ago we were wondering how wet we were going to get.

Combs Moss

Looking across to Combs Moss from Rushup Edge.

Vale of Edale

Kinder Plateau is suddenly lit up as the sun breaks through the clouds.

Mam Tor

In the sunlight the old fort walls around Mam Tor can be seen quite easily

Kinder Plateau

Across the Vale of Edale Upper and Nether Moor on Kinder are lit up.

Lord's Seat

We continue along Rushup Edge towards Lord's Seat.

Great Ridge

Looking back towards the Great Ridge as we approach Lord's Seat. It's beginning to look like the weathermen might have got the forecast for rain wrong.

Vale of Edale

All around us the view is improving as the sun comes out.


Even the grey clouds which were hanging over Kinder are starting to disappear.

Rushup Edge

Looking back along Rushup Edge as we reach Lord's Seat.

Rushup Edge

Once we pass Lord's Seat the path starts to become much more waterloggeed, a sign of all the rain we have experienced recently.

Rushup Edge

Before we even have time to reach the Chapel Gate track the weather has changed yet again.

Brown Knoll

Looking across towards the air shaft which lies close to the path to Brown Knoll.

Combs Moss

Combs Moss from the Chapel Gate track.

Horsehill Tor

We have lunch next to the track, looking across Horshill Tor towards Crowden Clough and the rocks on Kinder.

Grindslow Knoll

As we sit looking along the Vale of Edale the rain finally arrives.

Edale Head

As we head down the track the sky continues to darken, it looks like the weathermen got it right after all.

Great Ridge

A final view of the Great Ridge before we reach the road.

Jacob's Ladder

Looking towards Jacob's Ladder as we reach the road.

All that remains now is to follow the track from Barber Booth back to Edale. When we arrived at Edale Station the heavens finally opened, we had timed the walk just right.


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