Wolfscote Dale - Peak District Walk

Monday 30th December 2019

The main priority when selecting today's route was to pick a route that would avoid as much mud and water as possible. A decision that was to prove a wise one.

Start: Alstonefield Community Hall (SK 1298 5562)

Route: Alstonefield Community Hall - Narrowdale - Frank i' th' Rocks Bridge - Wolfscote Dale - Lode Lane - Alstonefield Community Hall

Distance: 6.25 miles     Ascent: 250 metres      Time Taken: 3hrs 20 mins

Terrain: Clear tracks

Weather: Warm

Pub Visited: None    Ale Drunk: None

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As we walk along the lane out of Alstonefield the view extends across the fields towards a distant Wetton.

Low Plantation

We leave the road and are rewarded with a view across to Low Plantation.

We debated staying on the road and picking up the track we are heading towards a bit later but thankfully the fields weren't too muddy.

Gratton Hill

Once across the track we are rewarded with views that include Gratton Hill. One option for today had been to visit the summit but for now it remains on the to do list.

Narrowdale HIll

The last time we were here we went onto the summit of Narrowdale Hill, today we will follow the wide path below it as it offers the least muddy route to the next track we want to pick up.

Carder Low

As we approach the path we want we enjoy views across towards Carder Low and Pilsbury Castle.

How Narrowdale

Looking down into How Narrowdale and all the mud and water by the gate we would have had to pass through. I'm glad we opted to stay high rather than head down into the valley.


Narrowdale is looking rather drab but at least it offers us a respite from the slippery mud we had encountered on the path around Narrowdale Hill.

Beresford House

Heading along the track we can look across the fields towards Beresford House and Sheen Hill.

Beresford Dale

Turning the corner and we get our first view of Beresford Dale and an indication of the number of people we are about to encounter.

Frank i' th' Rocks Bridge

This is probably my favourite view of Wolfscote Dale as generally most of the dale remains my least favourite dale in the Peak District.

Frank i' th' Rocks Bridge

At this point the dale looks so interesting but then it, in my opinion, becomes just a steep sided dale with relativley few interesting features.

Wolfscote Dale

Heading into dale, where I forget to put my polarising lens on, hence the somewhat white skies.

Wolfscote Dale

Given the date and the weather not suprisingly the dale is very busy.

Wolfscote Dale

Although now and then you can get the odd moment of peace and quiet.

Drabber Tor

As we approach Drabber Tor thoughts turn to finding a lunch spot but many of the good ones are already taken or too muddy.

Biggin Dale

In the end we settle for a spot just beyond the entrance to Biggin Dale. This usually dry dale provided us with plenty of entertainment as people tried to access the dale without getting wet. The star of the show was the father who made the trip in and out twice in order to carry his young children into the dale.


When we weren't watching people negotiate the water we tried to spot if the heron opposite moved at all. It did once but numerous people who spotted it asked us if we'd seen it move as they weren't convinced it was real.

Wolfscote Dale

Lunch over we continue walking through the dale debating at which point we will leave it.

Wolfscote Dale

One option had been to head uphill at Coldeaton Bridge but instead we opt to carry on along the bottom of the dale.

Coldeaton Bridge

This area was particularly busy with people sat on the opposite side of the bank in the sunshine. It is winter isn't it?

Wolscote Dale

In the sunshine it is pleasantly warm but there is a noticeable drop in temperature when you get back into the shade.

Mill Dale

We soon reach the bridge at Mill Dale.

Baley Hill

Rather than walk along the road to Milldale and then face a very muddy walk across the fields back to Alstonefield we opted to head up Lode Lane and avoid the mud. Once we reached the top of the hill we had views across the fields towards Dove Dale and Baley Hill.

New Hanson Grange

Here looking across Mill Dale in the direction of New Hanson Grange.


As we arrive back in Alstonefield we are greeted by this dinosaur and his santa hat.


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