Wolfscote Dale - Peak District Walk

Tuesday 30th March 2021

As (English) Lockdown 3 is being eased and the Stay at Home order has been lifted we planned a walk that kept us in the south of Derbyshire and would hopefully not be too busy. We set out early in order to try and avoid any crowds, but thanks to my car starting to judder badly on the way we ended up turning around, taking the car to the garage and returning in John's car. Instead of the 8:30 start we had planned, we ended up starting out at just gone 10:00, but at least we were out walking and it wasnt too busy.

Start: Hartington car park (SK 1269 6026)

Route: Hartington car park - Morson Wood - Beresford Dale - Wolfscote Dale - Biggin Dale - Highfield Lane - Hartington car park

Distance: 6.25 miles     Ascent: 246 metres      Time Taken: 3 hrs 35 mins

Terrain: Clear paths which were often wet.

Weather: Warm and sunny

Pub Visited: Lockdown 3 Easing: Stage 1b    Ale Drunk: Banned

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Ecton Hill

Looking down the road to Ecton Hill from the start of the footpath to Beresford Dale.

Gratton Hill

Narrowdale and Gratton Hills from the footpath to Beresford Dale. If Hartington had been busy when we arrived there these would have been on our route.


The path skirts the bottom of Pennilow as it makes its way towards Beresford Dale.

Morson Wood

Entering Morson Wood I spot this sign explaining the origins of the wood.

Morson Wood

It may be the hottest day of the year so far but the trees are still somewhat bare.

Beresford Dale

The short stretch of woodland leads to Beresford Dale.

River Dove

The River Dove was to be our companion for the next hour or so as we made our way towards Biggin Dale.

Beresford Dale

Looking along Beresford Dale after crossing the first bridge.

The Pike

Looking back towards the rock known as the Pike.

Beresford Dale

Heading for the second bridge across the River Dove, which will take us into the field that joins Beresford Dale to Wolfscote Dale.

Beresford Dale

We usually walk along the path next to the fence, but the field was so wet we cut up to this track. It would take us onto a track we had used when we walked to Wolfscote Hill.

Wolfscote Dale

Instead of heading uphill to Wolfscote Hill we turned right and headed back down towards Wolfscote Dale. A short diversion that enabled us to keep our boots dry for a bit longer.

Wolfscote Dale

Looking into Wolfscote Dale from the bridge we didn't need to cross today.

Wolfscote Dale

Once we were in Wolfscote Dale the sun was constantly in our eyes so all photos had to be taken looking backwards.

Wolfscote Dale

Looking back to the caves.

Wolfscote Dale

Wolfscote Dale was very quiet.

Wolfscote Dale

Only a handful of couples passed us and all of them were walking in the opposite direction to us.

River Dove

The River Dove as we walked through Wolfscote Dale.

Peaseland Rocks

The sun meant there was no opportunity to take a good shot of Peaseland Rocks today. I really must make the effort to visit here one evening.

Biggin Dale

Having negotiated a very wet entrance to Biggin Dale we were looking forward to continuing along this dry dale in the sunshine.

Biggin Dale

We were to be disappointed as the dale was no longer very dry.

Biggin Dale

The stream continued most of the way up the dale, although once the first part had been negotiated the path did stay out of the water.

Biggin Dale

We met more people in Biggin Dale than we did in Wolfscote Dale and several people did comment on how suprised they were to find so much water in the dale.

Biggin Dale

The water did eventually end, shortly after we had passed through this gate.

Biggin Dale

Signs that the stream is finally about to disappear.

Biggin Dale

The water has finally disappeared, although the duck we came across shortly after taking this picture seemed to be looking for it.

Biggin Dale

We had lunch at the head of Biggin Dale watching people heading down the dale towards the water. As we were packing up to move on a friend came up the dale and stopped for a chat, although we didn't recognise him with his new lockdown haircut.

Highfield Lane

We head uphill, along Highfield Lane, where we know once we are at the top we will be rewarded with some good views.

Johnson's Knoll.

Looking across Biggin Grange we can see a distant Johnson's Knoll.

Axe Edge

Heading downhill we can look across to Axe Edge.

Sheen Hill

As we make our way back towards Hartington Sheen Hill dominates the view. The only disappointment is that on a glorious day, like today, we couldn't finish the walk with a pint outside a pub.


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