Middleton Moor - Peak District Walk

Friday 14th May 2021

Now that the pubs are open and the nights are both lighter and warmer we took advantage of an evening of no rain and went for a late evening walk to Middleton Moor. We then had to do our bit and help the hospitality industry recover from the economic impact of the last Lockdown.

Start: Middleton Top (SK 2752 5516)

Route: Middleton Top - Middleton Moor (TP) - Moor Farm - High Peak Trail - Middleton Top

Distance: 2.5 miles     Ascent: 89 metres      Time Taken: 1 hr 30 mins

Terrain: Clear paths

Weather: Sunny and warm

Pub Visited: The Rising Sun, Middleton    Ale Drunk: Brains Reverend James

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Middleton Top

We had parked close to the topograph, although unless they cut the hedge soon it won't be much use to anyone.

Intake Quarry

Although we have been up here recently in the dark to do astro-photography on the High Peak Trail this was the first time we had been up when it was light. We were surprised to see how this area had been developed into a picnic area. It just shows how long it is since I've last walked here.

Intake Quarry

We spent some time working out if it was worth using as a foreground the next time we had a chance to do some astro-photography.

Middleton Moor

We soon headed up along the more familiar track onto Middleton Moor.

Cromford Moor

The views are reassuringly familiar. Here looking across to Cromford Moor.

Derwent Valley

Looking along the Derwent Valley with Masson Hill to the left and Riber Castle on the right.

Middleton Moor

As we headed along the track to the moor the sky lit up behind these trees on Middleton Moor. We made a note to return here another evening with tripods. When we did return the sunset wasn't quite as spectacular as this one.

Alport Heights

The slight haze meant the long distant views weren't as good as they could have been. Here looking back towards Alport Heights.

Middleton Moor

We diverted off the footpath to take a look at the old cottage that can be found on the moor.

Middleton Moor

Rather than head back onto the path we wandered across the moor looking for the trig point which I've never visited.

Middleton Moor

It is actually quite a way off the footpath and took a bit of hunting down.

Middleton Moor

From the trig point we were able to enjoy the sunset that was still visible, despite the growing bank of cloud.

Carsington Reservoir

From here we also could just about make out Carsington Reservoir.

Moor Farm

The easiest way to find the trig is to follow this track from the High Peak Trail into the field where the trig point is located.

Middleton Moor

As we headed along the track the sunset continued to brighten up the sky, although the light was now fading fast.

Middleton Moor

As tempting as it was to stay and watch the sunset fade it was time to make the short trip along the High Peak Trail back to the car and do our best to help revitalise the economy and the hospitality industry.


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