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Monday 7th March 2022

As the last few weeks have seen me nursing yet another injury to my achilles we opted today to do a relatively flat walk on a path we were reasonably familiar with. As we were stopping at the Kirkstile Inn we set out along Mosedale with no set route in mind, just a case of let's see how far I can go.

Start: Kirkstile Inn (NY 1411 2092)

Route: Kirkstile Inn - Mosedale - Scale Knott - Scale Beck - Crummock Water - Lanthwaite Wood - Kirkstile Inn

Distance: 7 miles     Ascent: 413 metres      Time Taken: 4 hrs 30 mins

Terrain: Good paths

Weather: Dry with a very cold edge to the wind

Pub Visited: Kirkstile Inn    Ale Drunk: Loweswater Gold

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As we leave the pub car park one of our first views is across the fields to Grasmoor and Whiteside.


Heading along the lane to Mosedale we come across a familiar view of Grasmoor. It's a repeat of a shot I took several years ago for my very first photography course.

Mosedale Track

Heading along the track the sun was in our eyes so most shots
along the valley floor had to be taken looking backwards.

Lorton Vale

As we head along the track the view down Lorton Vale to the Lord's Seat group of fells opens up.

Loweswater Fell

On the other side of the track the view now includes Loweswater Fell and Darling Fell.

Darling Fell

As Mosedale Beck comes into view below us it's time to decide if we are heading up Hen Comb.


After inspecting the stepping stones we decide to leave Hen Comb as a possible walk for tomorrow and continue along the track into Mosedale.


We'd forgotton just how much the track climbs up the fellside and are slightly caught out by how much ascent we are going to end up doing. Maybe we should have checked the map first.

Mosedale Holly Tree

We soon find ourselves looking back at the Mosedale Holly Tree.

Hen Comb

The only shot of Hen Comb I could get was as we left Mosedale to follow the track to Scale Knott. Stood here it was pleasantly warm, once we left Mosedale it turned bitterly cold as we lost the shelter of the fellside.

Red Pike

It might be bitterly cold in the wind but the view across to Red Pike and the distant Fleetwith Pike more than make up for it.


Rather than take the main path down to Scale Beck we follow the path onto the lower slopes of Scale Knott.

Crummock Water

Taking the path onto Scale Knott means we get to enjoy this view across Crummock Water to Grasmoor and Rannerdale Knotts.


Looking across Buttermere to High Snockrigg and Robinson. Any thoughts of staying up high to enjoy lunch with a view are quickly abandoned as the cold edge to the wind quickly turns our fingers numb.


Having dropped down out of the wind we find a relatively sheltered spot for lunch with a view of High Snockrigg and Robinson.


Lunch over we start to follow the path above Scale Beck and are soon enjoying views of Grasmoor once more.

Whiteless Pike

Across the valley we can also enjoy the view of Whiteless Pike behind Rannerdale Knotts.

Crummock Water

As a friend found out a few days later we could have avoided much of the wet mud found on this section of the path if we had followed the path higher up the valley side.

Crummock Water

Having negotiated the muddy section close to the stream we eventually reach the path, which will take us with relatively dry feet along the side of Crummock Water.

Fleetwith Pike

As we approached the bridge the familiar sound of the RAF out practising finds me only just quick enough to grab a shot as the plane heads towards Honister. A sight that always reminds me of my time living on various RAF bases.

Fleetwith Pike

Silence returns and we make fast progress along the side of Crummock Water.


Whilst the other side of the valley is still in the sun we are walking in the shadow of Mellbreak.

Crummock Water

Walking in the shade means coats and hats stay on despite the blue sky and sunshine on the fells across Crummock Water.

Rannerdale Knotts

Looking across to Rannerdale Knotts with thoughts of a friend whose ashes are scattered there.


As we reach the far end of Crummock Water we debate which way we will head back. As we passed on a walk through Lanthwaite Wood yesterday we opt to take the long route back to the pub.

Loweswater Fell

As we head across the field towards the pump house the sun catches the end of Loweswater and Darling Fells.

Pump House

Up ahead the pump house is just about visible through the trees.

Crummock Water

Just before we enter Lanthwaite Wood we enjoy the last of the sunshine as it lights up Grasmoor. Now did someone mention a pint before dinner.


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