Mosedale - Lake District Walk

Monday 11th April 2022

This route has been on the to do list since we last visited the Haweswater Hotel and walked to Selside Head. Although it is only just over a mile from the hotel to the Old Corpse Road we opted to take the car to the start of the walk, which we would really appreciate at the end of the walk.

Start: Haweswater Road lay-by (NY 4794 1195)

Route: Haweswater Road lay-by - Old Corpse Road - Swindale Head - Dodds Bottom - Mosedale - Selside Brow - Gatesgarth Pass - Mardale Head - Haweswater Road lay-by

Distance: 9 miles     Ascent: 654 metres      Time Taken: 6 hrs 55 mins

Terrain: Clear paths

Weather: Dry and warm, but with a strong breeze

Pub Visited: Haweswater Hotel    Ale Drunk: Jennings Cumberland

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Mardale Head

The walk starts along what by now is becoming the very familiar ascent alongside Rowantreethwaite Beck with the accompanying views to Mardale Head.

Haweswater Reservoir

At least this time when we reach the old peat cottages we are rewarded with a view across Haweswater.


Looking across to Branstree from just above the cottages.

Rough Crag

Shortly after the cottages the path levels out and we can enjoy the view back towards the Nan Bield Pass.

Old Corpse Road

As it is relatively dry we make rapid progress along the Old Corpse Road and it isn't long before we are surrounded by moorland, with the only distinguishing feature being the slope to the right, which heads up to the summit of Selside Pike.

The Pennines

Having passed below the slopes of Selside Pike the view soon opens up and the distant, but mirky, Pennines come into view.


Swindale and the distinctive Gouther Crags come into view, which means we will be heading downhill for a while.

Langhowe Pike

As we start the descent into Swindale we can look along the valley and, unlike last time, we can see across the top of Langhowe Pike.

Nabs Crag

As we approach the walled track to Swindale Head we get our first clear view into Dodds Bottom and the ascent we will be making out of it.

Swindale Head

When we reach Swindale Head we turn right through the gate and make our way along another walled track towards Dodds Bottom.


Looking along Swindale as we approach Dodds Bottom.

Nabs Crag

As we approach Nabs Crag our route, which will take us to the left of the rocks, is easy to pick out.

Dodds Bottom

I love places like this, far enough away from a car park to mean only walkers will ever visit it so that on a day like today we had it, and Mosedale, to oursleves.

Swindale Beck

Swindale Beck winds its way through the drumlins at the head of the valley.

Geordie Greathead Crags

Not long after the beck turns we leave it and start our ascent up the side of Nabs Crag, here looking across towards what I think are Geordie Greathead Crags or possibly Black Bells.


From here the drumlins at the head of Swindale are quite obvious.


As soon as we reach the top of the path and enter Mosedale the scenery changes completely.

Fewling Stones

The path through Mosedale is nice and clear so we make relatively quick progress and are soon looking back at Fewling Stones on the other side of Mosedale Beck.

Brunt Tongue

Brunt Tongue to the left dominates the view ahead but our thoughts are turning to lunch and since entering Mosedale the wind has picked up so we opt for lunch in the shelter of this sheepfold.

Brunt Tongue

Our route follows the path through Mosedale which takes us down towards the bridge over Mosedale Beck. We don't cross the bridge but instead follow the path below Brunt Tongue.

Scam Matthew

Looking back towards Scam Matthew and High Wether Howe.

Mosedale Cottage

Mosedale Cottage comes into view. As the beck around the cottage was quite full some fun was had whilst I tried to find a spot at which I could cross it.


Having made the short ascent behind the cottage we take a final look back into Mosedale with Seat Robert now in view.

Kentmere Pike

We leave Mosedale behind and approach the gate at the top of Brownhowe Bottom.

Adam Seat

Rather than make the descent to Brownhowe Bottom we opt to take a pathless route above the top of the quarries on Selside Brow, which will take us to the summit of Gatesgarth Pass.

Brownhowe Bottom

From our route just above the quarries looking down on Brownhowe Bottom we can appreciate all the descent and ascent we have saved our legs.

Kidsty Pike

As Rough Crag and Kidsty Pike come into view we join the path along Gatesgarth Pass at the summit, just below Adam Seat.

Gatesgarth Pass

Looking down the first section of our descent back to Mardale Head.

Haweswater Reservoir

As we drop down the path Haweswater Reservoir comes onto view, although it doesn't seem to be getting any closer very fast.

High Street

As we drop down fells like High Street come into view, but the stoney nature of the path means most of our time is spent looking at where our feet are going and not at the views in front of us.

Haweswater Reservoir

Finally down at the car park at Mardale Head we can pause to admire the view along the reservoir before making the short walk back to the car.


As we make our way back to the car we suddenly find ourselves caught in a rather heavy downpour, one that doesn't end until we are back at the hotel. Thankfully by then we were only a few minutes from the car so there was no need for waterproofs.


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