Birchen Edge Friday 26th August 2022

The original plan had been to walk the moors around the Cat & Fiddle yesterday but one look at the webcam at the former pub and a change of plans was called for. As John expressed a desire to come with me but had work commitments until early afternoon another late afternoon, early evening, walk was planned. Unlike last week the humid weather and lack of wind mean't we were also accompanied for much of the walk by midges, although the light as we walked through Chatsworth and across Dobb Edge more than made up for all the midge bites I got.

Start: Robin Hood car park (SK 2807 7210)


Robin Head car park - Birchen Edge (TP) - Jack Flat - Bar Road - Baslow Edge - Chatsworth Estate - Dobb Edge - Robin Hood car park

Distance: 6.25 miles     Ascent: 295 metres      Time Taken: 3 hrs 40 mins

Terrain: Clear paths

Weather: Dry and humid

Pub Visited: The Robin Hood Inn    Ale Drunk: Jennings Cumberland

Route Map >>


Moorside Farm

The view across Moorside Farm from just below Birchen Edge.

Gibbet Moor

Having taken the first available path onto the top of Birchen Edge we are rewarded with views across Gibbet Moor.

Longstone Edge

Now we are on the top of Birchen Edge Longstone Edge also comes into view.

Birchen Edge

As we approach Nelson's Monument we see the only climbers exploring the edge today.

Three Ships

The edge was very quiet, even the Three Ships had no one exploring them.

Birchen Edge

Looking back towards Gibbet Moor from Birchen Edge as we head towards the trig point.

Birchen Edge

Although it isn't far to the trig point from Nelson's Monument it isn't visible until you are almost on top of it.

Birchen Edge

We soon find ourselves at the trig point and get to enjoy the views across to Longstone Edge.

White Edge

From the trig point we can also look across to White Edge and the distant White Edge Moor.

Big Moor

Just next to the trig we drop down off Birchen Edge into the woods below it.

Big Moor

We soon leave the wood behind and make a very quick and dry crossing of the moor.

Birchen Edge

As we take the path along Jack Flat we get a view back across the moor we have just crossed to Birchen Edge.

Companion Stone

The Companion Stone and Stoop found on Jack Flat.

White Edge

Looking across to White Edge from Jack Flat. It was around here that the midges started to bother us and bite me.

Wellington's Monument

As we approached Wellington's Monument thoughts turned to tea and as there were some benches close to the monument we opted to stop and enjoy the view.

Gardom's Edge

Looking across to Gardom's Edge as we sat enjoying the view and sunshine, until the midges began to plague us.

Gibbet Moor

Looking across the woods on the Chatsworth Estate to Gibbet Moor.

Derwent Valley

Looking along the Derwent Valley where the tents are already being set up for the Chatsworth Fair next weekend.

Aleck Low

The midges meant that we didn't linger for long and we were soon heading down the track below Baslow Edge to Bar Road.

Bar Road

Heading down Bar Road and it looks like despite the clouds at the start of the walk it might be about to turn into a sunny evening.

Park Cottage

As we leave Baslow and are about to enter into the grounds of Chatsworth Park we pass the thatched Park Cottage.

Fallow Deer

As we cross the fields in Chatsworth to make our way up to Dobb Edge we pass two herds of deer, who pay no attention at all to us.

Red Deer

Although they were close together the deer were grouped into two quite distinct herds.

Baslow Edge

Looking up to Baslow Edge, which we have just dropped down from, as we begin the climb up to Dobb Edge.

Longstone Edge

Looking across Chatsworth to Longstone Edge.

Chatsworth Park

We follow the clear track up towards the woods and the stile that will take us into them.

Dobb Edge

Looking across Dobb Edge towards Birchen Edge.

Dobb Edge

As we approach the end of Dobb Edge the sunlight catches this tree.

Baslow Edge

Looking across to Baslow Edge from Dobb Edge.

Dobb Edge

Once we leave Dobb Edge the path winds its way downhill through the trees and ferns.

Baslow Edge

Once we are in the trees there are limited opportunities to enjoy the view, although one small break in the trees allows us to enjoy the last of the light as we look across to Baslow Edge and Sir William Hill.

Birchen Edge

We can also enjoy a final view across to Birchen Edge. Now shall we see if the Robin Hood is open as we will have earned it after the one final climb of the day, which involves a rather steep set of steps back up to the road where the car is parked.


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