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Tuesday 22nd November 2022

Having managed to pick a week in which the forecast was predominantly for rain and high winds we made sure that on the one day it was meant to be dry and clear we would be out walking. The original plan to do Seat Sandal was abandoned as soon as we looked out of the bedroom window and saw the summit hidden by low cloud. Instead we opted for a walk along High Rigg so that we could at least enjoy some views, a decision that was confirmed as a correct one by the fact the cloud only finally lifted off the higher summits at the end of our walk.

Start: Legburthwaite car park (NY 3177 1955)

Route: Legburthwaite car park - Wren Crag - Long Band - Moss Crag - High Rigg - St John's Church - Low Bridge End Farm - Legburthwaite car park

Distance: 5.5 miles     Ascent: 343 metres      Time Taken: 4 hrs 20 mins

Terrain: Clear tracks

Weather: Dry and cloudy

Pub Visited: 1796 Bar, Grasmere    Ale Drunk: Hawkshead Stout

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Wren Crag

After a short flat section from the car park we were soon climbing up through the trees towards the first summit of the day, Wren Crag.

Great How

Pausing to catch our breath we were rewarded with a view across to Great How.

Thirlmere Valley

As we climb higher the view back down the valley suggests that maybe the weather is about to pick up and the clouds will clear the higher summits sooner than we expected.

Wren Crag

We reach the Scots Pines we had seen earlier only to find that they did not mark the summit, we still had a short distance to go.

Thirlmere Reservoir

Having climbed higher we can now see further down the valley and our view also includes Thirlmere Reservoir.

Long Band

Having reached the summit of Wren Crag, where I managed one blurred shot of the summit stone, we can look along Long Band which we will be crossing shortly.

Wren Crag

Looking back to Wren Crag from Long Band.

Long Band

The walk across Long Band picks its way through the rocks and hollows as we head north.


Looking along St John's in the Vale towards Blencathra as we make our way across Long Band.

Raven Crag

Across the valley on the other side of High Rigg the view back down it now includes Raven Crag.


Looking back the lower slopes of Helvellyn and the top of the Dodds are still disappearing in and out of cloud.

Long Band

Looking back across Long Band after crossing the stile and heading uphill by the fence.

High Rigg

Following the path close to the fence meant we passed by this sheltered tarn.

Yew Crag

Having crossed the stile in the wall we follow it uphill and pause to look back. If the track is to be believed we passed below Yew Crag when we visited the tarn, which I think is the rocky outcrop on the right.

Paper Moss

Following the wall after the tarn at Paper Moss, and not paying attention to the book, meant we walked below Birkett's summit of High Rigg, never mind we have been there before.

High Rigg

We soon found ourselves looking at the summit Birkett calls Naddle Fell and Wainwright call High Rigg. Regardless of what you want to call it we are heading up there.

High Rigg's summit

We soon reach the summit and wait a while for a shot of the summit cairn whilst someone finishes filming the views from the summit and packs his gear away.


Whilst we were waiting we enjoyed the view north towards Skiddaw, which is nearly clear of the cloud.


Looking across to Whinlatter, Barf and Lord's Seat from the summit.

Castlerigg Fell

As we stand at the summit we hear the familiar sound of the RAF on a training run and for once I was quick enough to catch a decent shot as it flew over Castlerigg Hall Farm.

Bleaberry Fell

Bleaberry Fell from the summit.

Grisdale Pike

As we stand chatting to a couple on the summit the clouds lift to reveal the summit of Grisdale Pike.

High Rigg

Looking across High Rigg to Helvellyn as the sun's rays break through the clouds.

Low Rigg

Although it looks like the sun is coming out whilst we are at the summit there is still a cold edge to the wind so we opt to drop off the top to find a more sheltered spot for our lunch. Before we know it we are looking at Low Rigg and a bench that will make an ideal lunch spot.

Low Rigg

Sat on the bench looking across to Low Rigg we were frequently passed by runners using the track in front of us, clearly a popular route.


Our lunchtime view also allowed us a glimpse down the valley to the lower slopes of Blencathra.

We pass on exploring the churchyard as it already has people in it and find the path which will take us back along the lower slopes of High Rigg.

Rake How

The ruins of Rake How Farm soon appear.

St John's in the Vale

As we head along the path we are rewarded with views along St John's in the Vale. The distant Castle Rock acts as a good guide to how far we still have to walk.

Castle Rock

We make steady progress and Castle Rock soon dominates the view ahead.


Looking back the top of Blencathra is now bathed in sunlight.

Brown Crag

Typical, as we turn off the main road to the car park the clouds have finally lifted from the higher fells and they are now bathed in sunlight.


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